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The trouble with millennials?

Posted By: eCom USA

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Within the myriad of posts about millennials there does seem to be a grain of truth, that is that the culture of society is changing for all of us.  Online media means that praise and criticism are now immediate, panic and fear of missing that gem of information is real, and phone addiction is on the increase.  More and more apps are appearing to keep us connected, when do we have any time to think?

Social networking sparks of loads of ideas but are these always thought all the way through, and to some extent this can cause flawed information.   I think the focus on millennials is a case in point.  Identifying just because young people live in a networked world we need to treat them completely differently creates a challenge.  I think there are people of all ages that think in different ways and that is what creates the diversity of our culture and we need to consider everyone. For the first time we have 5 generations in the workforce together.   For me, futuristic aspects interest me, I engage with innovation, I am a big user of social media, I am transient in my thinking, I am in the workforce, I wish I was a millennial although I’m 60+, maybe I always have been one!

How to develop assessments to manage compliance

Posted By: eCom USA

If you have been tasked with designing an assessment to manage organisational compliance, you need to start by scoping requirements.

eCom presenting at DevLearn 2015

Posted By: eCom USA

eCom is very pleased to be presenting at DevLearn 2015 on Open Badges, Big Data, and Analytics: Harnessing Innovation to Motivate and Engage the Workforce.

Assessment for Compliance

Posted By: eCom USA

Need evidence of compliance? - Assessment can help With increasing regulatory requirements and more focus on corporate social responsibility compliance is fast becoming a priority area for many organisations. However due to the complexity of the task many organisations are not doing enough to demonstrate compliance.


Posted By: eCom USA

If you are considering competency management our infographic will help assess if your organisation is at the right stage of people development.



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